A Curated List of Chrome Extensions to Manage Salesforce Login

Salesforce ORGanizer


The ORGanizer Chrome Extension helps you to chuck your username and passwords and assist you to acknowledge tabs on your browser.

You can with Salesforce ORGanizer store and save your frequently used accounts: username, password and login url. You can also change an ORG tab and title to instantly acknowledge that tab belongs to which ORG or creating your personal ORG’s quick link.

Find more Feature >>Here<<

Quick Login As

Whith this chrome extension, you can makes it easy to login as another user by maintaining the page currently being viewed. Download it >>Here<<

Force.com Logins

This extension manages your salesforce.com login information and lets you quickly login Force.com with 1 click. Get it >>Here<<

Salesforce Logins

Just an other new solution to manage your salesforce credentials. See more features >>Here<<

Last Pass

LastPass, a popular password manager, backs up your passwords and secures your access from any computer. Download >>Here<<

Salesforce 799 Credentials

Easily save your time by managing all your credentials of different salesforce org: Download >>Here<<

Salesforce Org Bookmarks

This extension stores and display your bookmarks for each Salesforce Org. Get it >>Here<<